Warning! Mr. Hernandez understands in Polish! – Nowy Dziennik – Polish Daily News – events, information, news

Warning! Mr. Hernandez understands in Polish! – Nowy Dziennik – Polish Daily News – events, information, news

Translated from Polish
I was a little surprised when in his big, loud Tonic bar in Times Square his manager, Hispanic, greeted me in Polish.
Tonic, where Randolph Hernandez is a marketing and event manager, is a typical American sports bar, but it is there – with the cooperation of the Commercial Counselor in New York! – Polish football fans watched jointly by Polish fans. Sipping Okocim Polish beer. 
Earlier, when he was the manager of Honey’s bar at 14 Street, he organized Polish events after the New York Polish Film Festival. 
Why does the 32-year-old resident of the Astoria district speak Polish?

Polish blood does not flow in it

Both parents were born in the Dominican Republic. The mother was a European – English-German – descent, father a native of Dominican. Randolph was born and raised in New York, although he spent several years of his childhood in the Dominican Republic. 
He met Poles with his father, who was the manager of the YMCA building in Greenpoint on Meserole Avenue. Although little Randolph lived in Manhattan then, he came to his father when he finished work. So he visited every day in Greenpoint, he met people, he listened to his language. Besides, his best friend from school had a Polish grandmother. Randolph visited her several times a week, ate sausage and dumplings. 
And later, as we can easily guess, Randolph had a Polish girl, he also met with other of our compatriots. 
With this his Polish knowledge, we can exaggerate a bit. He builds sentences with difficulty, makes mistakes, but understands a lot. And he speaks many words without error, like the titles of his favorite films: “Sami swoi” and “Teddy”. Or Okocim beer.Randolph Hernandez regrets that in New York there are no Polish language courses open to all (he found them in Krakow). So he had to take lessons from private teachers. 
The Okocim brand mentioned above now belongs to the Danish Carlsberg and Randolph negotiates with her, in exchange for placing their beers in the Tonic bar, Carlsberg funded a platform (float) for the Pulaski Parade. 
When it comes to education and work, Hernandez has nothing to do with Poland. He studied computer design and social sciences at SUNY University in Morrisville. He is the founder and owner of Random Synergy, which deals with consulting for companies, designing their advertising campaigns and image on social networking sites. As stated above, he also managed several bars and clubs in New York. 
His latest idea is to organize trips. For now, he deals with foreign tourists in New York, but in the future he would like to direct expeditions to Americans. 
– I saw their group, how they behaved in Krakow – he says during our meeting at the Sanford restaurant on Astoria. – They were loud, amused, confident, but not absorbing at all – because they do not understand – what they see. I had to explain everything to them. Also – how to behave.

Poles from outside

Hernandez is definitely infatuated with Poles. But does he know that we ourselves are usually not good at each other? Of course he knows; he also remarked that having a foreigner in their group, the Poles “are playing”, they try to present to him from the good side. 
Did he hear that they can be racists, also towards Hispanics, about whom they have rather stereotypical views? And he knows that, but he met with racism only twice.Once, when in a Polish company he fried a pork-neck on a barbecue (he says it perfectly), an old lady came up to him and told him in a particularly simplified Polish language: “I’m not afraid of you anymore, because I’ve worked with black people before. Of course, everyone around them was worried about horror. 
Another time, in New York, he heard in the bar not very pleasant comments about himself in Polish. So he spoke to customers in this language. They were embarrassed – and they bought him a drink. 

What are the Poles, according to Hernandez? He agrees with the opinion that they are more hospitable than Americans that they can make truer friendships with them. 
He recently returned from Poland, where he visited Warsaw, Krakow and Zakopane within two weeks. In the mountains, he rented a house with a group of eight Polish friends from New York, he stayed with his friends in Krakow. In Warsaw, however, he spent two days alone, especially giving up the subway to walk as much as possible. “I saw everything I should have,” he says. He also liked the food very much. 
Does he share – admittedly by Americans – admiration of Polish women? Yes, but he also noticed that in Poland, girls – in general all people – look different, present different types of beauty, which they can not say about Greenpoint. 

He also saw that Poland is now a normally functioning country, where everything can be freely bought or settled. – It’s silly! – he shrugs off on American, still vivid, stereotypes about Poland. – Americans know nothing about other countries, because from a child they are convinced that theirs is the most wonderful in the world. If so, why leave? 

But he is going to leave. For now with American trips to Poland. And in what city would you like to live in the future? In New York or Warsaw.

Source (translated): Warning! Mr. Hernandez understands in Polish! – Nowy Dziennik – Polish Daily News – events, information, news