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Randolph Hernandez


To provide positive leadership and lend expertise in Food and Beverage Operations derived from 17 years of real­world experience across the fields of food/beverage services, media, technology, event production, entrepreneurship, marketing and business development. An ideal position would be one where I can utilize my diverse skill sets and background to problem solve, innovate and drive success throughout the organization.


  • Able to remain productive and provide clear leadership in high­-stress / fast­-paced environments
  • Accomplished in the implementation of technology to streamline workflow and communication
  • Proficient in food and beverage operations and management across various concepts
  • Leads by example, believing that solid leadership provides more results than micromanagement
  • Driven by Metrics to refine procedures and campaigns in order to achieve sets goals
  • Lifelong passion for Hospitality and excellent customer service
  • Familiar with preparing, presenting and managing Profit & Loss, budgets and financial projections
  • Fluent in the Restaurant Industry’s Uniform System of Accounts for Financial Reporting
  • Experienced in giving presentations to investors, clients and internal staff
  • Deeply rooted in Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable practices
  • Entrepreneur with a track record of operating profitable businesses
  • Knowledgeable in social media marketing strategies
  • Versed in Event Planning, Marketing and Production
  • Consistent in quality control, food preparation and adhering to safety standards
  • Competent in General Contracting, Project Management and Restaurant Construction
  • Highly ­developed in resource management, communication and problem solving skills
  • Able to think creatively and execute systematically making the best of available resources
  • Detail orientated especially in the areas of usability, process and efficiency


Self Educated
Web Design & Development, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Event Planning and Production, Social Media, Restaurant & Bar Management, Agile / SCRUM


NYCDOH Food Handling and Safety, MCSE, Cisco CCNA, A+


Technology Skills
MS Windows & Mac OS X [desktop/ servers], Linux, Virtualization, Adobe Creative Suite, GoogleApps/ Analytics/ Adwords/ AdSense/ Drive, MS Office, Photo/Video/Audio Editing, Web Development [PHP, MSSQL/MySQL, HTML/CSS/AJAX], xCode + iOS, Android SDK, Project Management tools, Advanced Networking Devices [switches/ routers/ firewalls/WiFi], Audio / HD Video, Sound Engineering


Patent Filings


Previous Clients:  NASA , Royale Marketing, DraftFCB , Y&R , MTVN , Pepperidge Farms , Univision, Miami Dade College , Sobieski Vodka , Gregory Colbert , EuroCircle , WPP , City of Chicago , Perkins Eastman , RAMSA , James & Co , YMCA of NYC , Left on Red Music , Nomadic Museum , Museum of Art & Design , Disney Studios , Elinor Michlan , GoShow , Harris , HurryDate , ReturnPath , Shalimar Real Estate , BUNGALO , Harlem Tavern , Heights Tavern , The Blind Pig , Locksmith Bar , CliqCar


Employment History

Assistant General Manager, Heights Tavern New York, NY June 2013 ~ Jan 2015

  • Reported directly to the Ownership and Investors
  • Oversaw the pre­-opening operations ranging from construction details to grand opening promotions
  • Interviewed, evaluated and selected new hires across departments
  • Administered all Press, Social Media, Public Relations and Advertising campaigns
  • Spearheaded the formation of the Restaurant Group “The Taverns Group”
  • Established Partnerships on Behalf of Heights Tavern with Community Groups, NonProfits & CUMC
  • Calculated and monitored food cost, labor costs and other costs associated in running the restaurant
  • Conceptualized and executed special events including New Years Eve, Halloween and Super Bowl
  • Executed menu redesigns and development, including the rollout of new and high profit items
  • Worked alongside the ownership and management team to streamline operations and set standards
  • Managed employee records, prepared payroll and HR paperwork
  • Assisted staff members across departments in performing FOH / BOH tasks
  • Designed and Implemented IT systems including email, document sharing and task management
  • Developed the staff manual, training programs and menu tests to insure overall consistency
  • Performed basic repairs and troubleshooting of plumbing, electrical, IT and mechanical problems
  • Collaborated with the Executive Chef on Daily / Seasonal Specials and Event Offerings
  • Booked and oversaw the execution of Corporate Events, Catering and Boxes Lunches
  • Met with sales representatives to order supplies such as tableware, small-wares and cleaning items
  • Conceptualized events with Brand Ambassadors to successfully launch new Liquors offerings

Director of Events & Marketing, Tonic Times Square New York, NY 2011 ~ 2013

  • Provided direction and leadership for the Events, Branding and Marketing of Tonic Times Square
  • Handled execution for all Special Events including New Years Eve and the Super Bowl Viewing
  • Lead Event Sales Strategies for the Venue consistently exceeding previous records
  • Consulted on the redesign of the interior and oversaw the construction process
  • Worked alongside the Chef / Ownership to revamp the menu and rollout profitable lunch specials
  • Directed Event Space configuration, food orders and decoration for all events and seasons
  • Oversaw the Front & Back of House operations of the establishment during “On The Floor” shifts
  • Coordinated the maintenance including cleaning, repairs, renovations and A/V equipment
  • Successfully Executed day-­to-­day social marketing to increase daily covers
  • Ran the Concierge Program which provided incentives to Hotel Concierges for Reservations
  • Performed resource allocation and staff training to ensure consistent service levels at all times
  • Focused on customer and partner marketing by developing co­branded promotions to drive sales
  • Sole marketing agent responsible for all corporate marketing and public relations initiatives
  • Developed and coordinated all communication, advertising, online programs and media relations
  • Acted as liaison between the ownership, vendors, staff and clients providing advice and direction
  • Developed materials focused on branding, marketing and promotional material

General Manager, G.T.R. Group >> Honey Lounge New York, NY 2008­ ~ 2010

  • Managed transition from previous ownership including staffing, vendors and event partners
  • Drafted and executed policies, employment agreements, vendor and event contracts
  • Launched various social media campaigns to increase patronage and participation
  • Developed interactive Technology to assist in our ability to leverage social networks
  • Implemented an inventory by usage system for accurate reporting and ordering of goods
  • Oversaw all internal operations including dealings with various city and state authorities
  • Personally trained staff on proper customer support and creating a comfortable environment
  • Initiated then managed the process for re­branding and the renovation of the venue
  • Provided Quality Control and correction on food / cocktail preparation and presentation
  • Worked with Owners on a regular basis to provide updates, set goals, and execute directives

Systems Engineer, Extensis New York, NY 2005 ~ 2008

  • Traveled 50% of any given month on sales calls, trainings and to perform on­site integration
  • Implemented Digital Asset Management workflows with best practices training and technology
  • Designed Font Management Strategies for creative teams to handle licensing and system resources
  • Engineered solutions across multiple platforms to create automated creative workflows
  • Trained clients on how to use the customized DAM solutions to insure brand consistency
  • Collaborated with Client IT, Creative and Management to deploy company­wide solutions
  • Created customized Asset libraries for clients in order to reduce duplication of creative effort
  • Wrote documentation and usage guides for all newly implemented systems
  • Worked with the Sales team to Demo solutions and provide pre-­sales support
  • Provided insight and feature recommendation to the Product Marketing and Management team
  • Developed customized plugins and Web Front End for the Portfolio Suite

Consultant, Random Synergy New York, NY 2004 ~ 2015

  • Operated all aspects of the Business including sales, production, development and marketing
  • Provided CTO/ CMO/ Product Manager as a consultant services to clients
  • Brainstormed with clients and production teams in order to convert ideas into tasks
  • Used Agile/Scrum methodologies and framework in developing products and business concepts
  • Outlined project goals and milestones then directed the execution through completion
  • Managed the development of applications across platforms including Web, Mobile and Social Media
  • Supplied Clients with IT Support such as Network Design, Server Deployment and Desktop Training
  • Produced events and concerts from concept to execution
  • Created and managed budgets for the Business and individual client projects
  • Oversaw Product Management and Marketing for clients acting as or augmenting the in-house team
  • Implemented end to end solutions for clients with technical and marketing elements
  • Provided product/service management based on research and demand
  • Scaled operations of the company including Staffing to meet the project goals

CIO/CTO, Urban Box Office (UBO) New York, NY 2000 ~ 2004

  • Responsible for the design and implementation of the information technology infrastructure
  • Performed Product Management and Marketing enabling the raising of $3Mil in funding
  • Travelled Internationally to perform investor, partner presentations and team management
  • Filed patent documents for in-house innovations effectively converting it into Intellectual Property
  • Worked directly with Industry Leaders such as our board chairman, Nicholas Negroponte (MIT)
  • Directed the development of a Content Management System which managed 17 websites
  • Crucial in the restructuring of the Business, successfully exiting Bankruptcy Protection (DIP)
  • Managed the liquidation of physical and software assets in order to satisfy creditors
  • Oversaw Media and Content management systems responsible for video, sound and 3D editing
  • Maintained the relationships with our media production, mastering and fulfillment partners
  • Lead Research and Development of new systems / devices used for Mobile Broadcasting
  • Proved key in business development and marketing strategies through technology evangelism

Technology Support, MTV Networks >> Viacom New York, NY 1998­2000

  • Provided over-­the-­phone and at ­Desk IT customer support for 3,000+ end users
  • Evaluated then standardized new hardware and software platforms for user groups
  • Developed procedures which resolved customer issues impeccable customer service
  • Provided technical standards evaluations and documentation for the roll out of mobile devices
  • Wrote internal technical documents to assist in troubleshooting, documentation and inventory

Other Details

Languages: English & Spanish (Fluent), Polish (intermediate)
Hobbies: photography, video production, software/hardware hacking, kayaking, arts & crafts, traveling, electronics, rock climbing, skiing, hiking


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