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Astoria, NY 11106 USA



Social Networks
Linkedin,facebook, twitter, instagram,YouTube, Pinterest

Computer Science & Engineering, Web Design & Development, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Event Planning and Production, Social Media, Restaurant & Bar Management, Agile / SCRUM

NYCDOH Food Handling and Safety, MCSE, Cisco CCNA, A+

English & Spanish (Fluent)
Polish (intermediate)

Technology Skills

MS Windows & Mac OS X [desktop/ servers], Linux, Virtualization, Adobe Creative Suite, GoogleApps/ Analytics/ Adwords/ AdSense/ Drive, MS Office, Photo/Video/Audio Editing, Web Development [PHP, MSSQL/MySQL, HTML/CSS/AJAX], xCode + iOS, Android SDK, Project Management tools, Advanced Networking Devices [switches/ routers/ firewalls/WiFi],
Audio / HD Video

Patent Filings

ast Clients
NASA, Royale-Marketing, DraftFCB, Y&R,MTVN, Pepperidge Farms, Univision, Miami-Dade College, Sobieski Vodka, Gregory Colbert, EuroCircle, WPP, City of Chicago,Perkins Eastman, RAMSA, James & Co,YMCA of NYC, Left on Red Music, Nomadic Museum, Museum of Art & Design, Disney Studios, Elinor Michlan, GoShow, Harris,HurryDate, ReturnPath, Shalimar RealEstate, BUNGALO, Harlem Tavern, Heights Tavern, The Blind Pig, Locksmith Bar,CliqCar

Favorite Blogs
Engadet, GoogleBlog, WLA, 37Signals,GoodNightMr.Lewis, lifehacker, HackaDay,Treehugger, EventManager, slashDot,mashable, 43Folders, Curbed, EconLog,WhenToManage, The Restaurant Expert,FOHBOH, Server_Life, Eateria, Social Hospitality

photography, video production, software/hardware hacking, kayaking, arts & crafts, traveling, electronics rock-climbing, skiing, hiking

To provide positive leadership and lend expertise in Food/Beverage/Hospitality Operations.


  • Proficient in food and beverage operations and management across various concepts
  • Able to remain productive and provide clear leadership in high-stress / fast-paced environments
  • Lifelong passion for Hospitality and excellent customer service
  • Accomplished in the implementation of technology to streamline workflow and communication
  • Competent in General Contracting, Project Management and Restaurant Construction
  • Leads by example, believing that solid leadership provides more results than micromanagement
  • Versed in Event Planning, Marketing and Production
  • Familiar with preparing, presenting and managing Profit & Loss, budgets and financial projections
  • Fluent in the Restaurant Industry’s Uniform System of Accounts for Financial Reporting
  • Experienced in giving presentations to investors, clients and internal staff
  • Deeply rooted in Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable practices
  • Knowledgeable in social media marketing strategies
  • Consistent in quality control, food preparation and adhering to safety standards
  • Highly-developed in resource management, communication and problem solving skills
  • Able to think creatively and execute systematically making the best of available resources
  • Detail orientated especially in the areas of usability, process and efficiency


Employment History


Assistant General Manager, Heights Tavern           New York, NY          June 2013 ~ Jan 2015

  • Reported directly to the Ownership and Investors
  • Oversaw the pre-opening operations ranging from construction details to grand opening promotions
  • Interviewed, evaluated and selected new hires across departments
  • Administered all Press, Social Media, Public Relations and Advertising campaigns
  • Spearheaded the formation of the Restaurant Group “The Taverns Group”
  • Established Partnerships on Behalf of Heights Tavern with Community Groups, NonProfits & CUMC
  • Calculated and monitored food cost, labor costs and other costs associated in running the restaurant
  • Conceptualized and executed special events including New Years Eve, Halloween and Super Bowl
  • Executed menu redesigns and development, including the rollout of new and high profit items
  • Worked alongside the ownership and management team to streamline operations and set standards
  • Managed employee records, prepared payroll and HR paperwork
  • Assisted staff members across departments in performing FOH / BOH tasks
  • Implemented Scheduling tools to assist in maintaining proper staffing levels and labor costs
  • Designed and Implemented IT systems including email, document sharing and task management
  • Developed the staff manual, training programs and menu tests to insure overall consistency
  • Performed basic repairs and troubleshooting of plumbing, electrical, IT and mechanical problems
  • Collaborated with the Executive Chef on Daily / Seasonal Specials and Event Offerings
  • Booked and oversaw the execution of Corporate Events, Catering and Boxes Lunches
  • Met with sales representatives to order supplies such as tableware, smallwares and cleaning items
  • Conceptualized events with Brand Ambassadors to successfully launch new Liquors offerings


Director of Events & Marketing, Tonic Times Square          New York, NY    March 2011 ~ Feb 2013

  • Provided direction and leadership for the Events, Branding and Marketing of Tonic Times Square
  • Handled execution for all Special Events including New Years Eve and the Super Bowl Viewing
  • Lead Event Sales Strategies for the Venue consistently exceeding previous records
  • Consulted on the redesign of the interior and oversaw the construction process
  • Worked alongside the Chef / Ownership to revamp the menu and rollout profitable lunch specials
  • Directed Event Space configuration, food orders and decoration for all events and seasons
  • Coordinated the maintenance including cleaning, repairs, renovations and A/V equipment
  • Successfully Executed day-to-day social marketing to increase daily covers
  • Ran the Concierge Program which provided incentives to Hotel Concierges for Reservations
  • Performed scheduling and staff training to ensure consistent service levels at all times
  • Focused on customer and partner marketing by developing co-branded promotions to drive sales
  • Sole marketing agent responsible for all corporate marketing and public relations initiatives
  • Acted as liaison between the ownership, vendors, staff and clients providing advice and direction
  • Developed materials focused on branding, marketing and promotional material

General Manager, Honey Lounge        New York, NY          January 2008 ~ October 2010

  • Managed transition from previous ownership including staffing, vendors and event partners
  • Drafted and executed policies, employment agreements, vendor and event contracts
  • Launched various social media campaigns to increase patronage and participation
  • Developed interactive Technology to assist in our ability to leverage social networks
  • Implemented an inventory by usage system for accurate reporting and ordering of goods
  • Oversaw all internal operations including dealings with various city and state authorities
  • Personally trained staff on proper customer support and creating a comfortable environment
  • Initiated then managed the process for re-branding and the renovation of the venue
  • Provided Quality Control and correction on food / cocktail preparation and presentation

Systems Engineer,
Extensis          New York, NY          2005 ~ 2008

  • Traveled 50% of any given month on sales calls, trainings and to perform on-site integration
  • Implemented Digital Asset Management workflows with best practices training and technology
  • Designed Font Management Strategies for creative teams to handle licensing and system resources
  • Engineered solutions across multiple platforms to create automated creative workflows
  • Trained clients on how to use the customized DAM solutions to insure brand consistency
  • Collaborated with Client IT, Creative and Management to deploy company-wide solutions
  • Created customized Asset libraries for clients in order  to reduce duplication of creative effort
  • Wrote documentation and usage guides for all newly implemented systems
  • Worked with the Sales team to Demo solutions and provide pre-sales support
  • Provided insight and feature recommendation to the Product Marketing and Management team
  • Developed customized plugins and Web Front End for the Portfolio Suite

Consultant, Random Synergy          New York, NY          2004 ~ Ongoing

  • Operated all aspects of the Business including sales, production, development and marketing
  • Provided CTO/ CMO/ Product Manager as a consultant services to clients
  • Brainstormed with clients and production teams in order to convert ideas into tasks
  • Used Agile/Scrum methodologies and framework in developing products and business concepts
  • Outlined project goals and milestones then directed the execution through completion
  • Managed the development of applications across platforms including Web, Mobile and Social Media
  • Supplied Clients with IT Support such as Network Design, Server Deployment and Desktop Training
  • Produced events and concerts from concept to execution
  • Created and managed budgets for the Business and individual client projects
  • Oversaw Product Management and Marketing for clients acting as or augmenting the inhouse team
  • Implemented end to end solutions for clients with technical and marketing elements
  • Provided product/service management based on research and demand
  • Scaled operations of the company including Staffing to meet the project goals

CIO/CTO,  Urban Box Office (UBO)          New York, NY          2000 ~ 2004

  • Responsible for the design and implementation of the information technology infrastructure
  • Performed Product Management and Marketing enabling the raising of $3Mil in funding
  • Travelled Internationally to perform investor, partner presentations and team management
  • Filed patent documents for inhouse innovations effectively converting it into Intellectual Property
  • Worked directly with Industry Leaders such as our board chairman, Nicholas Negroponte (MIT)
  • Directed the development of a Content Management System which managed 17 websites
  • Crucial in the restructuring of the Business, successfully exiting Bankruptcy Protection (DIP)
  • Managed the liquidation of physical and software assets in order to satisfy creditors
  • Oversaw Media and Content management systems responsible for video, sound and 3D editing
  • Maintained the relationships with our media production, mastering and fulfillment partners
  • Lead Research and Development of new systems / devices used for Mobile Broadcasting
  • Proved key in business development and marketing strategies through technology evangelism

Technology Support, MTV Networks  >>  Viacom          New York, NY          1998-2000

  • Provided over-the-phone and at-Desk IT customer support for 3,000+ end users
  • Evaluated then standardized new hardware and software platforms for user groups
  • Developed procedures which resolved customer issues impeccable customer service
  • Provided technical standards evaluations and documentation for the roll out of mobile devices
  • Wrote internal technical documents to assist in troubleshooting, documentation and inventory